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Japanese calligraphy of Ninja symbol



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€25 p/p · €50 for room


Taikai venue 3,2 km · Old town 5,8 km

€43 p/p · €86 for room

Best Western

Taikai venue 3,4 km · Old town 1,1 km

€31 p/p · €62 for room


Taikai venue 2,0 km · Old town 1,2 km

€36 p/p · €72 for room


Taikai venue 3,6 km · Old town 0,5 km

€41 p/p · €82 for room


Taikai venue 3,8 km · Old town 0,3 km

€39 p/p · €78 for room


Taikai venue 5,4 km · Old town 0,0 km

€46 p/p · €92 for room

Radison Blue

Taikai venue 3,2 km · Old town 1,1 km

€42 p/p · €82 for room


Taikai venue 2,9 km · Old town 0,8 km


Airbnb is a widely popular and trusted platform for accommodations in Vilnius

To assist you in decision-making process, here are some helpful suggestions for navigating the city


Situated in a cultural district, in the very centre of Vilnius Old Town, “Dysnos Avenue Apartaments” has seven unique, newly furnished rooms.

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