Japanese calligraphy of Ninja symbol

17 - 19 MAY



The Nagato Taikai has successfully completed.

Thank you to everyone who participated. We had 140 participants from 24 countries.

Nagato Taikai 2024 Lithuania

NOW Mail orders available until June 16th.


Our dedicated design team is currently crafting a unique T-shirt design, entirely created by our talented artists using their skillful brushes. The design prominently features the main character of Shinden Fudo ryu, as drawn by Nagato Sensei himself. Price: 28

Nagato Taikai T-shirt


Sweater features a rounded neckline without a hood drawstring, providing a clean and polished look suitable for various occasions. Price: 48

Bujinkan Hoodie


We have created this exclusive sweater edition for those who want to show their support for the exceptional efforts in organizing the Nagato Taikai in Lithuania, and for those who couldn’t attend but still feel a part of this event.. Price: 98

Taikai supporter

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