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On this page, you will find comprehensive information about news and updates related to our website and the event, ensuring you stay well-informed.

2024.05.27 [Home delivery available

Our website has been restructured and updated. Online orders and home delivery are now available.



2024.05.13 [Sale ended for following items

The items listed below are no longer available for sale. Thank you for your purchases and continued support!:
Dinner and Party, Rent soft Hanbo, Buy Soft Hano, Lunch 3 Days.

2024.05.04 [2 DAYS TRAINING AVAILABLE for 33% Discount

Buy online: use promo code: 2-DAYS-TRAINING to receive a 33% discount. Select any two days to train and enhance your skills at this premier event.

2024.05.03 [Taikai Sweater

Taikai Sweater is available for sale

2024.04.25 [130 participants

 130 martial artists from 23 countries registered for Nagato Taikai 2024 May 17-19 th. in Vilnius

2024.04.11 [Tatami 500 sq/m

We have secured a spacious 500 square meters of tatami, ensuring an excellent training experience for everyone!

2024.03.27 [Meeting Nagato sensei

We met with Nagato Sensei at Honbu Dojo to provide updates on the Taikai organization and preparations to him.

2024.01.24 [Orders available

T-shirts, dinner reservations, and a variety of other merchandise are now available for order.

2023.12.21 [Early Bird Ticket

Early bird ticket price is available

 [Discount policy]  

We have worked diligently to ensure that this Taikai is accessible to everyone, meticulously fine-tuning ticket prices and sales strategies to assist participants in their decision-making process. In our unwavering commitment to fairness and respect for early supporters and ticket purchasers, we guarantee that no future ticket sale offers will surpass or outperform the current one. / 2023.11.25

2023.11.25 [Early Bird Ticket + 100% / 90% / 80% refund

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve had direct conversations with over 150 individuals. Based on our discussions, we understand that for some, this might be a last-minute decision, while others are currently gathering information in their dojos before making a choice to attend. To assist those who are considering taking advantage of the early bird ticket deal, we’re introducing a money-back guarantee program.  This program assures you a partial refund in case your circumstances change, and you are unable to attend the Taikai. Simply inform us of this change by February 1st. to be eligible for the refund.

This program will consist of three tiers, each lasting for three weeks, starting today. The first tier, running for three weeks, offers an 100% money-back guarantee (235 Eur). The second tier, starting on November 15th, provides an 90% money-back guarantee (211,5 Eur), and the third tier starting December 6th, offers a 80% money-back guarantee (188 Eur). This is designed to accommodate different decision timelines and provide added flexibility for participants.

2023.11.24 [Limited Time Special Deal ends today

Today marks the final day to take advantage of our early supporter deal. Starting tomorrow, early bird pricing will come into effect. Secure your tickets now at

2023.10.06 [Limited Time Special Deal extended + 9 days] 
Responding to the messages and requests we’ve received from our community, and to allow more time for this news to circulate within the local dojos, we have decided to extend the ‘Limited Time Special Deal’ for an additional 9 days, until October 24th. Following this period, the Early Bird offer will come into effect.

2023.09.26 [Limited Time Special Deal Tickets + 100% refund]
Nagato Taikai Lithuania 2024 event tickets are now available for purchase! The first ticket was bought by a dedicated Buyu from Denmark, who, seemingly, explored our website shortly after the online ordering and ticketing system was launched—just one day before the official public announcement on September 27th.

2023.09.02 [We’re Live!]
Nagato Taikai Lithuania 2024 Event Website Launch

2023.08.31 [Venue Confirmation: Compensa Arena in Vilnius]
We’ve secured the venue lease agreement with Compensa Arena, one of Vilnius’ premier event spaces.

2023.08.06 [Sensei Nagato Toshiro official agreement]
Nagato Sensei has given his formal agreement to come and teach a 3-day Taikai in Vilnius Lithuania 2024 on May 17th – 19th.

2023.06.09 [Landing page]
Nagato Taikai Lithuania 2024 website One pager launched at https://nagato-lithuania.com

2023.05.24 [Sensei Nagato Toshiro pre-agreement]
Nagato Sensei has officially expressed his willingness to teach and lead a 3-day training event scheduled to be held in Vilnius, Lithuania, in May 2024

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