Japanese calligraphy of Ninja symbol
Japanese calligraphy of Ninja symbol


Participants photo book for Nagato Sensei​

Photo Book for Nagto sensei

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Book for sensei Nagato arriving in Tokyo, Japan in March 2024

In anticipation of Nagato Taikai Lithuania 2024, we have decided to create a special memory book for Nagato Sensei – a book filled with small, heartfelt messages from the Taikai participants.

Each page will accommodate two individuals, and for larger groups (six or more), we will dedicate a separate “Dojo” page featuring a group photo of the dojo. Please see the initial draft example of the pages structure below.

We envision this book as a unique and cherished gift for Sensei, a collection of personal expressions of gratitude and admiration.

While we intend to gift the book after the Taikai, the preparatory process, including information gathering and printing, necessitates prompt action. Therefore, if you wish to be a part of this endeavor and be featured in the book, kindly complete the form at your earliest convenience. At current estimations, please register and fill out the form below by the end of February 2024.

Please note that by submitting your information through the form, you consent to its inclusion and display within the book. Additionally, you have the option to agree for your information to be displayed on other online resources related to the event. This could further celebrate our collective experiences and memories with a wider audience, enhancing the spirit of the Nagato Taikai Lithuania 2024.

We eagerly anticipate your participation in crafting this heartfelt token of appreciation for Nagato Sensei.

Fill out the attached form with your details.

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